cositas bonitas esta semana
Cositas bonitas

Cositas Bonitas

Una semana más, os enseño las cositas bonitas que me han fascinado esta semana.

Aquí van.


001. ‘Hummingbird’ by Local Natives, the new album. [link]
002. A tumblr on Haruki Murakami. [link]
003. This amazing Victorian-style home in San Francisco. IN LOVE. [link]
004. A video showing how to make your own iPhone cases. [link]
005. Rediscovered Nan Lawson’s Etsy shop. [link]
006. Villagers’ old album, ‘Becoming a Jackal’. [link]
007. This old holiday video featuring a cute baby. [link]
008. An animated Disney short film called Paperman. So well-done. [link]
009. This cute superhero calendar on Etsy. [link]
010. This article @ The New Yorker. “Twentysomethings spend their days rearing children, living hand to mouth in Asia, and working sixty-hour weeks on Wall Street. They are moved by dreams of adult happiness, but the form of those dreams is as serendipitous as ripples in a dune of sand. Maybe your life gained its focus in college. Maybe a Wisconsin factory is where the route took shape. Or maybe your idea of adulthood got its polish on a feckless trip to Iceland. Where you start out—rich or poor, rustic or urbane—won’t determine where you end up, perhaps, but it will determine how you get there. The twenties are when we turn what Frank O’Hara called ‘sharp corners’.” [link]

Bimadre de dos peques, amante de la fotografía y aprendiz de maestra.

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